Milla Vaahtera


Milla Vaahtera (born 1981) is a designer and an artist working in Helsinki. The themes of her works extend from body image and sexuality to intuition and dialogues in the creative progress. Vaahtera has graduated as a Master of Arts in 2010 from Aalto University, the​ ​School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She did her BA studies in​ ​Lahti Institute of Design in 2008.​ Her work is featured in several exhibitions at galleries and museums​ including the​ Design Museum Finland, Lokal gallery and UU Market.​

She is most known of her Dialogue series, mobiles and stabiles, in which she combines bold glass parts with delicate brass. The process of making Dialogue pieces is based on dialogue and​ ​improvisation. Vaahtera began to work on this series in May 2017 together with glassblowers Paula Pääkkönen, Sani Lappalainen, Pauli Vähäsarja, Henni Eliala, Otto Koivuranta and Jonas Paajanen of Nuutajärvi. The metal parts are prepared by silversmith Kirsi Kokkonen together with Milla Vaahtera. Vaahtera it is ​passionate to revive the​ ​Finnish heritage of glassblowing and give young generation of​ ​makers new opportunities to deepen their skills.´