KOOS (Koos means “Together” in Estonian) gallery is an evolving collection of Art from well known artists and relevant up and coming artists from all around the World.

KOOS Art Collections will show our love for contemporary art equally in paintings and in sculptures using various mediums.

Our gallery is dedicated to the symbiosis of art and space, creating bridges between countries and creators and between people and space.

We specialise in investment opportunities for serious Art collectors.

We are inspired to work with Artists who want to develop thought provoking ideas and with clients who can share our passion for creative expression through Art.

Our purpose is to exhibit Art in its pure form plus to show how a well chosen piece can transform your personal spaces.

Art is a journey like life itself and us within it.

Art is expressed in time, space, values and principles. Art is a universal language and speaks to the soul. Art is our passion and that’s how we want to share it TOGETHER with you.