Anne Türn


Anne Türn.

To be a ceramicist, artist, and wanderer – that is a lifestyle. The power, beauty, and fragility of nature have always inspired me, teaching me to be respectful. There is something very similar in nature and ceramics – you have to know how to listen, obey, and not try to conquer. Just as in the high mountains, you must approach everything around you with reverence, the same goes for working with clay. Both tell you how to behave and what to do. You just have to know how to listen. But at the same time, pushing boundaries, breaking myths, and the desire to create something seemingly impossible is a part of this world.

In my recent works, I have given porcelain and glass the opportunity to act on their own. I provide the conditions and patience. With the creation of unique and fragile forms, glass and porcelain perform beautifully – just like nature. Keywords are the fragility of nature and life.